Show 27: British Accents (Dr Ash Barker) “Incarnational Living in the Neighbourhood” (Part 2)

June 16, 2017

Does a person have to believe a set of theological doctrines in order to belong to a church? Or is it more of a priority for someone to belong first, and worry about beliefs later? Most churches and leaders would say that belief comes before belonging.

And beyond that, what is the purpose of the church? Is it about attracting people into a building, or is about going out into the community? 

In this second half of the conversation with Dr Ash Barker, we explore further the concept of "incarnational living in the neighbourhood." What does that mean, how do you go about it, and what does it look like?

Dr Ash Barker and I explore this in more detail, and he explains more of his philosophy of ministry and mission and incarnational living: "Discipleship is a by-product of the love we have for people."

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