Show 26: British Accents (Dr Ash Barker) “Incarnational Living in the Neighbourhood” (Part 1)

June 9, 2017

This episode is Part 1 of an amazing conversation I had in Birmingham, England, with Dr Ash Barker. He is an "immersed urban Christian activist", originally born in Australia, now living in Birmingham. Prior to moving to the UK, he and his family spent 12 years living in one of Bangkok's poorest slums.

Ash is the author of 3 books, which discuss their experiences in Bangkok, and reflect on the realities of urban theology and mission in our current multi-cultural, increasingly ethnically-diverse, and globalized world of today.

Ash has an amazing story to tell, and in this episode we talk about God, mission, theology, the church, and so much more. Be sure and listen in--you won't want to miss this episode, or Part 2 next time!

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